ML Module

In this version we’ve added methods to calculate derivative metrics from raw data. As of right now, it supports only Concentration and Relaxation calculation from EEG data using Logistic Regression Classifier.

In upcoming versions we will add more metrics to calculate, new classifiers for existing metrics and API to load user defined models in ONNX format. Also, we are collecting more data to improve accuracy and recall of our models.


eeg_channels = BoardShim.get_eeg_channels (args.board_id)
bands = DataFilter.get_avg_band_powers (data, eeg_channels, sampling_rate, True)
feature_vector = np.concatenate ((bands[0], bands[1]))

# calc concentration
concentration_params = BrainFlowModelParams (BrainFlowMetrics.CONCENTRATION.value, BrainFlowClassifiers.REGRESSION.value)
concentration = MLModel (concentration_params)
concentration.prepare ()
print ('Concentration: %f' % concentration.predict (feature_vector))
concentration.release ()

# calc relaxation
relaxation_params = BrainFlowModelParams (BrainFlowMetrics.RELAXATION.value, BrainFlowClassifiers.REGRESSION.value)
relaxation = MLModel (relaxation_params)
relaxation.prepare ()
print ('Relaxation: %f' % relaxation.predict (feature_vector))
relaxation.release ()

For implementation details refer to:

Other Changes

Bug fixes:

New Methods:

  • Add get_avg_band_powers
  • Add get_exg_channels
  • Drop get_log_psd and get_log_psd_welch

For developers:

  • In this update OpenMP was added, we can now easily parallel computations, check get_avg_band_powers for reference