In this version we’ve added support for Muse 2 and Muse S devices via BLE dongle.

It’s just a first version with Muse devices, it will be improved, check the roadmap below for more information.

Roadmap for Muse S and Muse 2

As of right now, we used BLED112 dongle from Silicon Labs(Bluegiga) to work with BLE protocol. It works for all OSes and easier to implement, but requires addional hardware to buy.

We are going to add an option to work with Muse devices without extra dongles. Our current roadmap is:

  • Initial implementation for Muse 2 and Muse S using BLED112
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Refactor CMakeLists
  • Refactor BGLib based code
  • Add support for Muse devices using native API(no dongle) for Windows
  • Optional: currently Muse S uses the same preset as Muse 2 and has the same data, we can add more data for Muse S
  • Optional: make preset configurable(maybe it’s enough to just use “p63” which has all possible data types)
  • Optional: add support using native API(no dongle) for Linux
  • Optional: add support using native API(no dongle) for MacOS
  • Optional: add support for 1st gen Muse board(we don’t have such device)

Optional tasks will be implemented based on requests from the users, use slack channels or github issues to request these features.