Changes in this release:

  • Add support for Enophone headphones
  • Add Bluetooth library which can be used for other devices


BrainFlow will be the primary SDK to work with Enophone. Enophone headphones have active noise cancelling and four EEG electrodes.

To establish connection with Enophone device you need to pair it first and find MAC address.

Steps to find MAC address:

  • On Windows: open device manager, navigate to enophone device, click properties and select Bluetooth Address
  • On Linux: install bluez-utils and run bluetoothctl paired-devices
  • On MacOS: run system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType

On Linux in order to compile and use it you may need to install libbluetooth-dev for Debian like systems and bluez-libs-devel for Fedora like.

Bluetooth library

To add Enophone devices we had to implement Bluetooth library, you can use it for other devices.

To build BrainFlow with bluetooth support you need to run python tools\ --bluetooth or use -DBUILD_BLUETOOTH=ON in CMake.

For Linux you may need to install package libbluetooth-dev or bluez-libs-devel depending on your distribution.