• New helper library for BLE devices
  • Muse 2 and Muse S work without dongle
  • Fix set_log_file issue for C++ API - #359
  • Fix start, stop, repeat issue for BrainBit and Callibri - #363

SimpleBLE library

We’ve integrated SimpleBLE library into BrainFlow. Thanks Kevin Dewald for implementing cross platform library to work with BLE protocol!

To use it inside BrainFlow you need to inherit your device from BLELibBoard and build BrainFlow with --ble flag, if you use or provide -DBUILD_BLE=ON if you use CMake. It works for MacOS 10.15+ and Windows 10.0.19041+, for Linux you need to install packages libdbus-1-dev for Ubuntu and dbus-devel for CentOS. For Linux we also recommend to compile BrainFlow from the source.

For examples you can refer to implementation for Muse devices.

As of right now, we have no plans to remove code for old BrainFlow boards which uses BLED112 dongle, but SimpleBLE library will be a standard to work with BLE for upcoming devices.

Muse devices without BLED112 dongle

We’ve used this library to add support for Muse devices without dongle, old boards(MUSE_2_BLED_BOARD and MUSE_S_BLED_BOARD) are still available and still work via BLED112 dongle. Here we’ve added new BrainFlow boards MUSE_2_BOARD and MUSE_S_BOARD, they work via native API and require no dongle.

Feel free to test them and report issues if any!