As we approach the end of 2022, it’s time to take a moment to take stock of our achievements in 2022 and share our plans for 2023.

I’m very proud on how much traction BrainFlow has gained. Over the course of the year we significanly improved BrainFlow and implemented several crucial extenstions for the API such as:

Of course we didn’t forget about our main activity - extending BrainFlow by adding new devices:

As a results of all these efforts we crossed several awesome milestones:

Also, we got really close to 1000 members in our slack workspace. As of right now, there are 984 members. In addition to that number of stars on Github was increased from 500 to 833 and we are looking forward to crossing 1000 for both metrics next year.

In 2023 we are going to extend the API even further by adding more signal processing methods and new devices, currently we are thinking about integration of boards from Neurosky and Bitalino, and of course we are open for feature requests.

If you’re a company or an individual using BrainFlow in your application, please consider sponsoring the project so that we can keep making the tool better for you! Visit us at opencollective. If you cannot afford it you are more than welcome to help us by contributing with code or promotion.

Happy new year and good luck!