• Add support for PlotJuggler - #631
  • Add support for Ant Neuro 24 channels board - #635
  • Add support for NTL board - #634

PlotJuggler streamer

In this release we’ve added support for PlotJuggler UDP streamer. PlotJuggler is a tool to visualize time series that is fast, powerful and intuitive.

To enable this feature you need to call board.add_streamer("plotjuggler_udp://") in your BrainFlow script and enable UDP json streamer in PlotJuggler.

ANT Neuro 24 channels board

The new eego™ 24 amplifier is the go-to solution for mobile/portable EEG research applications that require up to 24 channels with quick setup times for monitoring brain activity in real time, and with the same data quality as the other eego™ products.

The lightweight 24-channel amplifier is capable of continuous operation. It is powered entirely through USB from the recording computer without an internal battery, making it a useful tool for researchers who need to record EEG data on the go in real-life studies.

To use this board you need to specify ANT_NEURO_EE_511_BOARD board id in BoardShim constructor.