We got 1000 stars on Github

Github user with star number 1000 is E-Kater, and we will send a special gift for it!

It’s also 5 years anniversary for BrainFlow project

The first commit was made 5 years ago, and it’s interesting how the repo was looking back to these days. You can check it using this link by yourself.

It all started with DataBuffer class and it still remains unchanged. DataBuffer class acts like circular buffer for double arrays. Interesting thing about it is how elements are removed and how you can access them. You can get data from both ends of the buffer, but they are removed only when you get them from the beginning.

Users do not wotk with this class directly, but each time BrainFlow gets new data from device or each time you call get_board_data or get_current_board_data methods from this class are executed.

get_board_data method gets data from the beginning and removes elements from the buffer, it allows to get all data or implement smth like data restreaming. While get_current_board_data gets data from the end of the buffer and allows to implement smth like moving window, which is great for real time plotting and analysis.

Now BrainFlow projects became huge and contains hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

We are looking forward for the next 5 years!